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Our consultants

The consultants have a wide experience including Financial Services, Information and Communications Technology, Sales and Marketing, Talent Management, Engineering , and Health Services.


Our clients

Our past clients include Social Enterprises, Universities, Tech Startups, Venture Capital Firms, and Consumer Packaged Goods companies.


Business Planning
& Feasibility Studies
Financial Modelling
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operations Management
& Optimization
Talent Management
Data Analytics
Eric Parapini
Managing Partner

Eric has 4+ years of experience in healthcare technology consulting in the U.S. Eric has experience developing technical and business solutions for a variety of clients, from small tech startups to large government organizations. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and is working towards his MBA in Strategy and Analytics at McGill.


With expertise developing solutions across business domains, Eric brings quality and rigour to your business solutions.


Graeme Denhoff-Ball 
Managing Partner

Graeme has worked across 3 different continents and has a diverse background of experience working in tech firms, public health consulting, and media and entertainment, often will a focus on growth and digital marketing. His MBA focus is in strategy and finance, which he is leveraging to gain a broader perspective and understanding of business issues and solutions.


He brings over 7 years of work experience to the team, and is able to provide a truly global perspective to your business solutions.


Salvador Sanchez Jimenez
Managing Partner

Innovation and entrepreneurship are Salvador’s passions. Over the past 11 years he has been launching and developing brands and services in tech, apparel and consumer-goods. He has worked on go to market strategies for products and services in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


Salvador holds a B.A. in Marketing with a specialization in retail. Currently he is pursuing the MBA at McGill with a focus on Data Analytics and its e-commerce applications.




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